Friday, July 6, 2007

A Line in the Sand

I'm into John 5, and I'm trying hard not to comment on the same ol' same ol'.

This is not to say that some of the scriptures where others camp are NOT important. But, I love to see new things. Things I haven't seen before in the Word. Here's today's example:

Maybe you're old enough to remember the first Gulf War. When we came to Kuwait's defense, Bush said, "Today, we draw a line in the sand." He meant that Sadam would not be permitted to cross into innocent countries (Kuwait) and claim her resources as his own.

It seems to me that Jesus draws a similar line in John Chapter Three. Let me show you the dots on the line.

The New Birth. Those who are born of the Spirit on one side. Those who are not on the other.
The Son. Those who believe in the son on one side. Those who do not on the other.
Trust. Those who trust in the Son, on one side. Those who do not, on the other.
Light. Those who love the light, who want to do right on one side. Those who flee from the light - who love the darkness, and who want to continue to sin on the other.

I've never noticed that John 3 portrays a theme, one carefully stitched between the verses. The theme is CHOOSE. Jesus himself creates an indelible line in the history of man. That line will forever seperate mankind -- not just by time (as in BC, or AD), but will seperate us by something much more critical.

John 3 tells us clearly where God wants us to land... He sent his son so that we could have eternal life.

Johny Cash's old song doesn't work for this line; this is a line we cannot walk.
We cannot wish the line away.
We cannot deny that the line exists.
We can't blame the human condition on other issues -- economics, education, race, privilege, culture.

Jesus is the line in the sand. On which side have you chosen to stand?


Ernie W. said...

Hi Bette, I'm so glad you have a blog. I really like the one "My Rear View Mirror". I saw Kerrie today and she's the one who told me about your blog. She says you're so busy with writing--which is great. I had to take some time off, but now back in the swing of writing, and marketing my first manuscript. I will be adding your link to my blog site.


Bette Nordberg said...

Ernie is a gifted writer with Oregon Christian Writers. So, I especially appreciate his encouragement. Good work, Ernie. Keep writing. Keep marketing. You can visit his website at

By the way, Ernie, I sold a Bible Study on the Book of Jeremiah. That's my current project. Whew. What was I thinking? Bette