Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What have you seen lately?

I've finished reading 1st John recently. Since it's such a short book, I think the theme jumped out at me more quickly. Reading along in the first chapter, I noticed that John mentions his PERSONAL connection to the gospel more than four times in the first paragraph.

He is the one, John tells us, that we have seen and heard.

Seen and heard. Seen and heard. 

So. What have you seen and heard lately? When you share the gospel with someone, is your "testimony" personal? Do you share your transformation? Can you tell someone honestly how you have encountered Jesus in your own life?

Has he changed you?

Has he spoken to you?

Try it. Skip the philosophy. Skip the arguments. Don't worry about the creation versus evolution discussion. Bring it back to the simplest of stories for a while. 

And as John advises us, "Dear children, keep away from anything that might take God's place in your hearts." (1st John 5:21)

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reidjazz said...

Amen to THAT! No longer do I have to be ashamed of my past or wish I'd lived my life differently. It is precisely the sin that Jesus brought me out of that makes such a good witness of Jesus Christ to those around me that don't know Him.