Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thought you might like to see a preview of the cover for the new book.

I read all 375 typed pages last Friday, the last time I'll see the manuscript until Galley Copies return.

Printed them all this morning so that I could have the author endorsement procedures begin.

Living the writing life is like riding a bicycle. Sometimes, it's all uphill. Slow. Tiresome. Hot. Exhausting. 

Other times, it's flying down hills faster than feels comfortable. 

So, all that to say, I've been neglecting the blog lately. Sorry.

I have a new blog idea. What do you think about a serialized novel? Not for publishers. Just for you. Like Mark Twain, or Dickens, or Lucy Maud Montgomery? Sounds like fun. Any takers?


Mary said...

Can you explain what you mean by serialized novel? Do you mean you would post chapters of an ongoing story? If so, sounds good to me!

Christina Berry said...

I LOVE the cover and can't wait to have a new Bette book to read. When does it release?

Anonymous said...

I love the cover for your new novel, but I always love the stories inside your novels even more. Do you have a release date for your new novel yet? I can't wait to see / read.
What are you working on now?

Bette Nordberg said...

Oh Wow, so many comments! Well, here's the scoop:

For Mary, a serialized novel would mean a story that I would write just for fun, just for you, and would just appear here, on the blog!

For Christina, Thanks. I love the cover too. Good thing, as you know most authors have almost NO say on how a cover looks. We get it. We look at it. We comment. They do whatever they think works anyway! I guess they are the "marketing experts" As for release date? The US version will release in January, I hear.

For Anonymous. I think you should look for a more unusual name. Seems everyone has your name lately! I tease, yes. But seriously your kind words touch my heart. Thank you more than you can know. Okay. What now? Two things. I have a new novel plotted. It will be a series, and I'm working with a really exciting and unusual source for the plot. Can't wait to tell you more. And, I'm putting a seminar that I do into a non-fiction book, and Bible Study. I hope to do that quickly, by the end of this summer. Yikes. I should be working!

Bonnie Leon said...

Beautiful cover, Bette!

Can't wait to get my hands on the finished copy.


Karen said...

I have read all your books and can't wait for this one. I am so excited.