Thursday, February 21, 2008


You won't believe what I've been up to...

I had my friend Kerrie at my house after her 5th chemo treatment. I hosted a band from Oregon, while planning and executing a benefit concert for a Congo Orphanage. (The benefit raised almost nine thousand dollars!) In the same week, I baked six flourless chocolate cakes, and two cheesecakes (I gave up and bought the rest from Costco). I spoke twice at this great women's gig in Federal Way, I had company all weekend, went to church three times with one of the bandmembers, and at the end of it all?

I was totally exhausted.

So, no blogging for a while.

Right this minute, I'm actually reading in Second Samuel myself. Still, I want to comment on this one thing...

2 Samuel 5:4. "David was thirty years old when he began to reign, and he reigned forty years in all.'

So, what's the big deal? In I Samuel, we find that David was anointed as king when he was just a boy, the youngest of his father's boys. We don't know how old he was. But we do know that he was so very young that his father even "dismissed him" believing that he couldn't possibly be the son that Samuel might be choosing as Israel's next king.

So, David was just a kid when he found out that God wanted him to serve as king.

And he waited, perhaps 15 years for his promised promotion.

And this is my point: God makes lots of promises to his followers. Some are in the word. Some personal "words" we get by the Holy Spirit as we move through our daily lives. The trick is that God rarely includes a time-line with his promises. We rarely know when he will bring these things to pass. So it's important that we be as patient as possible.

David's wait enabled him to learn much about God. He learned much about leadership. David realized the importance of God's timing, and of not trying to wrench God's purposes by bringing the promise to pass in his own way. David could have killed Saul himself. Instead, he waited for God to depose the king. An important lesson for all of us.

So, are you clinging to a promise from God? Are you willing to wait?



Karen Motley said...

I have just been anxious about everything it seem like, worry worry worry. I have been in this acountabilty group of women who watch our weight. It sounds good but I just find myself worring about it more. I think about it all the time. What I should eat, what I shouldn't eat, what time I should eat it ect. It was during worship at church a few weeks ago and I heard God say "get right with me and everything else will fall into place". Wow, I had just came back from the womens retreat and doing a Beth Moore "breaking free" bible study. You think God is trying to tell me something? Dah!! So I have been clinging to him in word, study, prayer and worship (music) oh and fellowship. I can't really see the weight coming off, but I am standing with God. Praise Him. Thanks Bette you help people more that you know. Love Ya Karen Motley

Christina said...

another good blog! Patience is not my strong point, but I know God is faithful!